Archives for the month of: December, 2017

I want to keep an archive for some job listings, giving me possible pay ideas, location ideas, position ideas. For example, I was surprised to find a university position in Gwangju (a city I’ve liked for awhile) that doesn’t require university experience, only 2 years teaching experience. Low pay but great benefits. I would give it a go if I were eligible.

Flash forward and it’s December 2017 and I’m finishing up my first year of a Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL at UTS. One and a half to go (probably).

In 2016 I extended my contract for an extra 3 months, went on a world trip, and got back to Sydney with very little money. Got a job teaching General English to Intermediate-level adult students in Sydney CBD. Was supposed to be only a couple days a week, but because it was Christmas time all the teachers were going away so I was asked to fill-in and work full weeks. It was hectic. Unlike at my hagwon in Korea, nothing except a textbook and instructions on which pages were to be covered each lesson were provided. Not even a data projector. Suffice to say, I floundered. It was way too much, way too fast, and so different from my previous experience. I thought I was doing the school a favour by covering for other teachers, but I just wasn’t ready, so it ended up being a favour to no one. So I resigned, apologised, and decided to enrol into the Master program at UTS, with the intention of getting a ‘real’ qualification, as opposed to the Certificate IV I received during one university vacation period during my undergraduate.

It’s going okay. It’s not as practical as I’d hoped for, or well structured or taught (considering the staff are professional teachers). But I think I can still gain a lot from it. I’m most looking forward to the pronunciation and teaching academic English subjects. Also wanting to get a lot out of the second Practicum subject, but dreading it at the same time. Teaching as a guest, especially with another teacher watching, is pretty nerve-wracking.

So my options currently are:
1) Drop out of Masters early with a Graduate Certificate and go back to my old school in Seoul for Spring Semester 2018, but have a limitation on when I can return to complete the degree. I’m not sure of this time limitation yet.
2) Finish Masters (part-time as full-time is too hectic) mid-2019 and look for jobs either locally or abroad. Maybe try teach locally, see how I go, while preparing my documents for overseas in case it’s not a good enough fit to really keep me in Sydney.

I think that’s it?

I like Sydney but I miss Korea. But I’m not sick of Sydney though. I’m not as close with my friends here as I was before. Working and studying, and growing apart just takes its toll. Makes it easier to feel like I can just pick up and go. My housemate isn’t great either. But could be worse.

It’s such a big decision. But if I do go back to Korea, I want to make more money than before, and save up more than before. This might sound trivial, but I want to try see a personal trainer twice a week (I am still single and I think it would be a good change) and take Korean class twice a week. I think I can still do that and save more money than before. I had a great time, but I spent a bit too freely. I also want to take housing allowance, rather than provided accommodation, and hopefully save a little from that. Maybe live with some Korean-speaking housemates? Not sure how realistic that would be though.

So that’s where I’m at. December 2017 in Sydney. Just got one more subject left for the semester, my practicum placement, which is dragging on a bit. I should be preparing for that now, actually…