So I saw a tarot reader and extended my contract from the end of May to the end of August! I wanted to enjoy some more warm weather, save up a bit more (I lack budgetary discretion), improve my Korean and have some more time with my kids. My boss also really wanted me to. Why rush, anyway? I miss home, but it’s not going anywhere.

The Present Future Plan:

  1. Finish my job. Get a good reference letter. Collect my pension.
  2. Relax. Take about 2 weeks off and relax in Korea, and travel somewhere. Destination unknown. Start looking for job listings and free Korean class start times.
  3. Return to Sydney. Move in with my mother. Look for accommodation and apply for jobs immediately. Catch up with friends.
  4. Work. Play. Live, laugh, love.
  5. If I enjoy teaching at my next school too, then think about applying for a Master’s Degree. Weigh up the pros and cons.
  6. ~ Ethereal Void ~

It’s been good here so far. I have regrets, but I do think it’s shown I still have some growing up to do. Things to learn, a new person to grow into. I haven’t made as many close friends as I would have liked. It isn’t easy. But it makes me appreciate my friends at home all the more. I hope once I get back I’ll take things won’t take things for granted as much as I used to.

I think my next post will be to help me keep track of ideas for my reference letter, and scope out the current job requirements and conditions. I’m pretty content at the moment, but not enough for another year. We’ll see.