So yesterday my boss pulled me aside for a meeting, following my extra round of observations. While I’ve improved, it didn’t seem quite enough to satisfy her. She maintained a really serious tone.

Maybe it’s because she was really disappointed with my lack of preparation for our Saturday class. On Friday night. After I’d already stayed back offering an extra 45 minutes of my time – unpaid of course. It was more of a games and fun event than a regular task, and as such there was more organising and decorating to do, as well as moving desks out of the classrooms. There was more work to do than usual, but we weren’t given any extra time to do it. Our schedules are tight. There obviously wasn’t enough time allocated for adequate preparation. I don’t just sit around twiddling my thumbs all day.

She said I should be more of a team player, but if management isn’t doing their bit then it’s a pretty one-sided team. It’s pretty ridiculous that I’d basically be expected to stay back over an hour to prepare for school in my own time. Unpaid overtime wasn’t in the job description, and wasn’t in the contract.

I feel like a capable teacher. I’m only just able to complete the work they give me in the time I have, let alone extra work.

Taking up the bulk of time are things like grading, phone testing, curriculum development, test printing, Weekend Journal grading and speech contest training. There’s little room for extra preparation on top of that, especially without compromising the quality of my curriculum development. It’s not something I can do quickly, and well.

Anyway. Was pretty upset when my boss said she was very disappointed in me. It was a small consolation to recieve a message from a coworker saying that the kids really love me. It cheered me up. Hopefully I can cheer up and keep getting better.